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Simon Carty

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Simon Carty


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Simon Carty is an award winning specialist entertainment and media lawyer. He qualified as a solicitor in 1998 and has an extensive background proactively advising a diverse group of media clients in the corporate sphere.

Simon is retained as the personal and corporate solicitor to Brendan O’Carroll and associated companies Boc-Flix/Boc-Pix for over fifteen years. Simon has acted for Boc-Flix as key deal maker and negotiator in the hugely successful BAFTA award winning BBC TV series ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys’. His remit includes all legal and financial aspects concerning the show and has a production credit on every programme.

Simon was the lead lawyer in the production of ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie’ shepherding legal teams in the UK and Ireland and was active in the involvement of Section 481 process, liaising with all parties and matters that arose with the production.

Simon continues to cover all legal and technical aspects of the ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys’ product worldwide including matters such as DVD sales, download to own, licensing, format rights, remake rights (including deals in Eastern Europe and USA) and merchandising rights.

Further Simon has represented a number of clients in the Media world in extensive and complicated litigation for the High Court and the Court of Appeal including Defamation actions. As an accredited Mediator and a qualified Arbitrator, Simon believes it is often in the client’s best interest to achieve the best solutions for them through mediated or arbitrated settlement, rather than engaging in controversial litigation, especially in light of clients’ requirements for discretion.

Simon won the International Lawyer of the Year in the Irish Law Award Winner 2013 for being innovative, collegiate and efficient in a serious of international transactions with fellow lawyers in Europe, Australia and the USA.

Simon has been published in the national newspapers, and has spoken on issues such as freedom of expression on which he campaigns and intellectual property and regularly comments in the media about media and entertainment law. He specialises in defamation, brand management and content liability, pre-broadcast requirements, intellectual property and acquisitions and procurement.

Simon is a Partner in the firm and head of our Media and Public Affairs Department.

Simon Carty
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