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Ping Bai


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Ping has a Bachelor Degree in Law and Master Degree in Procedural Law from Liaoning University, China. Ping qualified as a Lawyer in China in 1995, following which she worked as a lecturer and a part-time Lawyer in a commercial law practice. After moving to Ireland in 2001, Ping obtained a Master Degree in Commercial Law from University College Dublin.

Prior to joining Crowley Millar as a trainee solicitor, Ping worked for Paul Sreenan S.C, one of Ireland’s leading commercial barristers, for over four years as a legal researcher. During that time Ping gained extensive knowledge in drafting legal opinions and performing pre-trial work essential to the successful resolution of any case. She has a particular interest and legal experience in Banking and Finance, Company Law, Competition Law, Professional Negligence, Insurance, Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution etc. Ping also worked as a Corporate Lawyer for an Irish company advising on its investment in China and in doing so, was involved in its acquisition of a Chinese state-owned company in Shanghai.

Having qualified as a Lawyer in China, she will be well positioned to contribute towards the bridging of business sectors and legal professions of the two jurisdictions, particularly with her understanding of both legal systems and the respective needs of Irish/Chinese clients.

Ping is also very dedicated in her commitment to assist Chinese clients in order to maximize their business potential in Ireland and likewise with Chinese investors looking to set up business in Ireland.

Ping Bai
白萍 – 中国律师,爱尔兰实习律师

白萍毕业于辽宁大学法律系,分别获得了法学学士学位和诉讼法学硕士学位。她于 1995年获得中国律师资格,并开始从事法律教学和兼职律师工作。2001年定居爱尔兰 之后,她又获得了都柏林大学的商法学硕士学位。

2015年7月加入克劳利米勒成为实习律师之前, 白萍为爱尔兰的著名商业法资深大律师 Paul Sreenan 担任法律研究员长达4年之久。在此期间, 她在起草法律意见书,举证建 议以及准备出庭所需的工作方面积累了宝贵经验。她对银行与金融法,公司法,竞争 法,专业疏忽, 保险法,商业诉讼及纠纷解决等法律有特殊兴趣。

白萍在爱期间还曾为一家爱尔兰公司担任过企业律师,为其在中国投资提供建议,并 参一家上海国有企业的并购。

作为一名中国律师,白萍认为基于她对两国法律体系和爱尔兰/中国客户的各自需求的 了解,成为一名爱尔兰执业律师,将会使她更好地为两国之间的商业合作和专业交流 做出贡献。 白萍致力于协助中国客户以及有意在爱经商的中国投资者最大限度地发挥 其在爱尔兰的商业潜能。

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