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Mediation & Arbitration

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Mediation & Arbitration

Our practice offers experienced mediation services to resolve and settle third party disputes efficiently. In many cases clients and their advisors, often with the sanction of the Courts, recognise that alternative dispute resolution, be it mediation or arbitration, is a better alternative to proceeding to Court or having long running and costly disputes. Our approach to mediation and arbitration involves persuading and facilitating a resolution that is ultimately a mutually beneficial and agreed solution rather than an imposed solution by the Courts.

Given the growth of mediation and arbitration as mechanisms for alternative dispute resolution we have acted in an increasing number of mediations and arbitrations in recent years and in addition, the change of prerogative of the parties engaged in the mediation process has yielded excellent results for our clients without the necessity of extended Court hearings.

For further information please contact Hugh J. Millar.

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