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Digital Media

Our Media and Public Affairs Department working in unison with our Commercial Law Department are available to provide all legal advice and guidelines that our clients require in the always evolving digital world.

Crowley Millar can handle all the legal and commercial requirements involved regarding digital media.

Simon Carty has the required expertise in relation to intellectual property and can assist regarding the publication in the digital world. Crowley Millar have the necessary experience and expertise in relation to digital content licensing regarding music licensing, web-posting and development agreements.  We have worked with the BBC, Netflix, RTE (The Irish State Broadcasting Station) and ITV.

We also have expertise in the area of intellectual property infringement on the internet and particularly take downs regarding social media to include but not exclusively Facebook and Twitter especially removal of hate speech and intellectual property infringements.

Our Media and Public Affairs Department, coupled with our Commercial Law Department, are also involved in many start-ups in the digital world, particularly the Gaming Industry and advice in relation to requirements regarding the launch across many platforms of various digital games.

Some of the services we provide are:-

  • Intellectual property advice;
  • How to best utilise Ireland’s 13.5% corporate tax rate;
  • Finance and Investor relationship;
  • Engagement with social media providers to ensure that defamatory or damaging publications are removed;
  • Advice regarding social media policies; and
  • Music, film and TV licensing.
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