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Inward Investment 

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John Carroll, Inward Investment at Irish Law Firm, Crowley Millar Solicitors, 2-3 Exchange Place, George's Dock, IFSC, Dublin 1

Inward Investment 

Our inward investment team has seen significant growth in recent years to match our ever expanding and increasingly global client base. Given Ireland’s position as the prime EU member state within which foreign businesses wish to do business, it is no wonder that the depth of knowledge of the team at Crowley Millar has become an invaluable resource for companies all around the globe that wish to invest in Ireland.

We act on behalf of a significant number of North American and European clients and our membership of CGITA has allowed an expansion of our team directed toward the Asian market with our China desk incorporating Ping Bai our Chinese qualified lawyer. Our track record of delivering a specialised legal service for companies wishing to invest in Ireland is unrivalled and our client base ranges from large multi-national companies to business taking their first steps in foreign investment.

If you require any assistance in this area please contact John W Carroll: jc@crowleymillar.com

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