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Crowley Millar’s Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental and basic element of our firm.

CSR is about more than our commitment to upholding and providing the best and most ethical services to our clients. Our CSR programme representing Crowley Millar, who we are and the services that we can provide to those who need them.

Calcutta Run

Every year the Calcutta Run is held to raise money for two amazing charities being Goal and Fr. Peter McVerry Trust.

Crowley Millar enters a team annually and each participant raises a significant amount of money for the causes.

Supporting “Fighting Words”


Crowley Millar is a supporter of the wonderful work done by the staff and volunteers of Fighting Words.

Fighting Words is a charity that provides tutoring and mentoring with respect to creative writing and related arts to many children, young adults and adults with special needs. The programme and workshops provided by Fighting Words are mainly by volunteers and writing tutors.

The charity itself was founded by renowned author Roddy Doyle.

Our involvement in Fighting Words shows commitment to those in the inner city of Dublin and to those less fortunate. It also shows our commitment to provide legal services in the world of media and outreach in relation to freedom of expression, not just the right to express ones views and ideas but also to engage in participating in the free exchange of ideas.


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