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China Business

克劳利 · 米勒律师行是中国国际投资与贸易联盟(www.cgita.com)的爱尔兰成员。该联盟致力于开发中国与世界各国之间的投资,贸易与商业合作伙伴关系。我们很自豪地成为中国国际投资与贸易联盟的爱尔兰独家会员,并为意在爱尔兰投资的中国客户提供独特的服务。克劳利 · 米勒的联盟成员身份,让我们充分了解中国客户的需求,策略性地安排商业合作并提供必要的法律服务,进而最大限度地帮助中国客户挖掘其在爱尔兰的商业潜能。

  1. 吸引外商直接投资

通过克劳利·米勒的法律,财务和税收国际合作伙伴以及其专业的中国律师, 中国客户可以轻而易举地占有在爱投资经商的全部优势,包括其优惠的税率,其作为国际公司并购基地的地位,其高学历高技能的劳动力资源,以及其良好的商业投资激励措施等。凭借我们对中国商业文化的理解,克劳利·米勒律师行已经为中国客户在爱尔兰开展房地产投资,公司并购以及高科技投资等业务,并获取最大效益搭建了一个便利的平台。


  1. 爱尔兰投资移民计划


  1. 协助爱尔兰企业将产品出口至中国

作为中国国际投资与贸易联盟的爱尔兰独家成员,克劳利·米勒律师行可以协助爱尔兰企业将其产品出口至中国。我们的会员身份能够确保爱尔兰企业获得许可并在中国销售其符合标准的产品。尤其值得一提的是,借助我们在该协会建立的联系,克劳利·米勒可以帮助爱尔兰企业安排其产品进入上海(拥有2,500万人口)的大型连锁超市和酒店销售。由于爱尔兰的许多家企业发现将其产品推进中国市场并非易事,我们协助爱尔兰企业打开中国市场大门的意义是十分显著的。 自去年底我们加入该联盟以来,已经协助一爱尔兰客户将其产品出口至上海。

  1. 为爱尔兰的中国社区提供法律服务

克劳利·米勒是一家提供全方位法律服务的律师行。我们的服务领域广泛,包括诉讼,税务,劳动法,公司法和商业法,金融服务,信息和通信技术,飞机租赁,产权交易等。 随着由白萍主管的中国部的成立,我们有意为爱尔兰的中国社区提供日常法律服务。我们是爱中商业协会的活跃会员,并有信心和能力竭诚为爱尔兰的中国社区服务。


Crowley Millar is the Irish member of China Global Investment & Trade Alliance (www.cgita.com). Its goal is to develop investment, commerce and business partnerships between China and the World. We are proud to be the exclusive Irish member of CGITA and to offer our unique services to Chinese clients wishing to conduct business in Ireland. Our membership of CGITA allows Crowley Millar to understand the needs of its Chinese clients, arrange strategic partnerships and provide the necessary services to maximise the business potential for Chinese clients in Ireland.

In tandem with our membership of CGITA we recently established a Chinese department in the firm which is headed up by Ping Bai, a qualified Chinese Lawyer.

Our goals are four fold :-

  • Attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

The advantage of doing business in Ireland, such as its favourable rate of taxation, its reputation as a mergers and acquisition base for international companies, its highly educated and skilled workforce, and its favourable business investment incentives, are all made easily accessible to Chinese clients by Crowley Millar’s local and international partnerships (legal, financial & tax) and our dedicated Chinese lawyer. Through our understanding of Chinese business culture Crowley Millar have developed an easily accessible platform for Chinese clients to gain the maximum benefits of conducting business in Ireland, whether it be by investing in Real Estate, buying companies, investing in technology companies etc. Please also see attached presentation that our business development Partner John W Carroll gave in China last year.

  • Immigrant Investor Programme

The Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) invites non-EEA nationals to commit to an approved investment in Ireland. Crowley Millar will through its Chinese Desk process applications for approval on behalf of Chinese investors. Successful applicants can expect to receive a residency visa for 5 years during which time they along with their family members can work and study in Ireland. After this initial 5 years period, the investor will be free to apply for citizenship. No minimum residence requirement is set other than the stipulation that the persons concerned should visit Ireland at least once in every 12 month period.  Since we established our Chinese department in April 2016 we have already received numerous instructions from a well-known Investment Fund on behalf of clients looking to avail of the programme.

  • Facilitate Irish businesses exporting goods and products to China

As the exclusive Irish member of CGITA, we can facilitate Irish companies looking to export their goods and products to China. Through our membership Irish companies can, if their products meet certain criteria, secure the appropriate licenses to allow their sale in China. In particular we can through the contacts we have built up in the association arrange for suitable products to be sold in a large supermarket chain in Shanghai (population 30m) and countless hotels in that region. The fact that we can open such doors is very significant in that heretofore Irish entrepreneurs have though red tape etc found it nearly impossible to break into the Chinese market. Since we joined the association late last year we already have a client who through our efforts is now exporting his product into Shanghai.

  • Provide legal service to Chinese communities in Ireland

Crowley Millar is a full service law firm offering a wide range of legal services including Litigation, Taxation, Employment Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Financial Services, ICT, Aircraft Leasing, Property transactions etc. With the recent establishment of our Chinese department, which is manned by Ping Bai from China, it is our intention to grow that department by targeting the local Chinese community for all their day to day legal work. We are an active member of the Ireland China Business Association and are fully confident and committed to serve the Chinese communities in Ireland.

Thank you for your interest in our Chinese services and if we can be of any more assistance please contact Ping Bai: ping@crowleymillar.com or John W. Carroll: jc@crowleymillar.com

John W. Carroll Talks About Chinese Business Opportunities In Ireland

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